Friday, April 1, 2011

Good Run

In keeping with the overall "goodness" of this week (see my previous post), I finally had a really good run yesterday! I ran 5 miles, I was able to push my pace a little bit in some sections, and it felt really, really good!

I'm typically a morning runner; I like to get up and make that the first part of my day. But yesterday was crazy (I got up super early thinking I was headed down to Moab to do some canyoneering, but ended up not going. Boo!) and so my run got pushed until the afternoon. By the afternoon though I was really struggling to find the motivation to head out for a run (despite the amazing weather we had yesterday!). I finally just made myself go, and I'm so glad I did!

My left knee and hamstring were feeling a little stiff and sore afterward, so I made sure to stretch out really well and then I headed straight home to ice myself. And lo and behold, no pain this morning! No soreness, no stiffness. Hooray! My left foot, however, is hurting. It was hurting all day yesterday while I was walking around. I think I did something during my Wednesday workout (I ran a quick warm-up mile, and then hit a spin class). It's in a weird spot, toward the back, almost on my heel, and it only hurts when I'm walking or standing, not when I'm running. I iced it too, for good measure, and kept it elevated. I think maybe I just bruised something? I just don't know how...

Today, I'm going to hit the elliptical (although I'm tempted to run again--it just felt so good!), and then to the weight room to get ripped!


  1. i know exactly how you feel about cross training! i don't want to do it either - i'd rather be running! need to get it in my head that it will only HELP my running. thanks for stopping by my blog! xoxox


  2. Nice run

    I just learned about the Moab canyon today, its been added to my bucket list of places to ride at