Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Feel the Need, the Need for Speed!

I am a product of the 80s. I am not ashamed, in fact, I embrace the decade of my birth in all its bodacious glory. I love power ballads, cheesy dancing movies (think Girls Just Wanna Have Fun), and the never-replicated awesomeness that is Top Gun. My alarm just might be the instrumental theme music from said movie. Maybe.

I think Tom supports my patriotic choice in wake-up music.

I digress. Yesterday I was feeling the need for speed, so I returned to a speed workout I haven't tried in several months. Let's keep it real, I haven't done any sort of legit speed workout in several months. And I've noticed that I'm running slower than I used to. So, what better training tool to increase speed than a speed workout?

I hit the treadmill for this one. I started out at a pretty slow pace and then increased my speed by .1 mph every half-mile. It HURT. In the past, I used to bust out a speed workout twice a week. And love it. I'd get this super awesome runner's high right around the 4- or 5-mile mark. Did not happen yesterday. Probably made some people nervous because I looked like I was going to die. But that's OK, because like I said, I haven't worked that hard in months. Now my resolve is to reincorporate a speed workout into my weekly schedule. I'll probably keep it at one, since when I was doing two a week, I was getting injured a lot (maybe there's a connection there?).