Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Triple Tangent Tuesday

I've been entering data for HOURS today. It's one of the most tedious things I've done, and I still have HOURS more to go. So here's to taking a break and posting a few random tangents!

1. I have a love-hate relationship with Catch Phrase. I love it, because it's awesome and it's a word game. I hate it because I get seriously stressed out every time I play it. The beeping countdown makes me feel like Jack Bauer on the season finale of 24. And I have this embarrassing tendency to a) yell when I'm guessing/describing a word, b) fist pump every time my team gets a point, and c) throw the game set at the person sitting next to me when my team guesses the word instead of just handing it off like a normal person.  Like I said, it's embarrassing and strangely uncontrollable.

2. One of my favorite things to eat right now? Hummus + slices of red, yellow, and orange peppers + whole wheat wrap. Yum. The downside? Slicing the peppers. Blergh. Other than that though, it's super easy, fast, and yummy!

3. Ummmm...it would seem I have no more tangents for today. We'll call it a Two-Tangent Tuesday instead.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Counting Down!

Only 32 days till the Sawtooth Relay!! Teams 6 Tortoise and Lots of Hare and Tortoise in Training will be making their triumphant return this year. So. Stoked. (Slash, slightly worried about running at 6,000 feet after training at sea level...bah!)