Saturday, September 29, 2012

This Run Brought to You By

I knocked out 10 miles today. Boom. I got up later than I had planned on, but I still managed to get myself out the door and get my miles in. I ate half a Mint Chocolate Clif Bar and drank about 20 oz. of water before I left.

I ran on a treadmill this morning. There have been way too many attacks on women on trails in my area lately for me to feel comfortable running outside by myself--especially for ten miles. But I had a pretty sweet setup this morning. I downloaded Netflix onto my iPad and I was golden. Thank you Thor and Captain America for your stellar work not only saving the universe but also saving me from death by boredom on my treadmill run this morning. I had to stop for water (definitely need to find my water bottle), and I brought another Clif bar, but I ended up not needing it.

And the clincher: New. Shoes. Boom. I felt like I was running on clouds. It was magical. And the color. Love. Head nod to you, Saucony.

Oooh! Look! My socks match.