Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. Monday was too, for that matter, but yesterday was pretty awesome.

First, I worked on my taxes and realized, I had more deductions coming my way! Getting more money always makes me happy.

Second, I biked, ran, and swam yesterday! Mini-tri! And trust me, it was really, REALLY mini. I am getting better (slowly) at swimming. My instructor told me I look really relaxed. I even feel relaxed--probably because I'm the world's slowest swimmer and were I going any slower, I would actually just be asleep, floating along. Still, one step closer to a triathlon!

Third, I ran! Always an achievement, given my recent history of injury and illness. Today, Imma head out for another quick run and some more cross training. I missed my Monday morning spin class, so I think I will hit a spin class this evening. I hope Janae still teaches Wednesday nights!

Finally, I went to my awards banquet last night and got an award--and money to go along with it! Yay! That'll pay for my last two credits to graduate! Hooray! I was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year in my department. I guess the faculty voted on it and everything. I am stoked about my plaque and even more stoked that my name goes on the permanent plaque in my building! Picture proof: (ignore my goofy, toothless grin)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rest Days

Most training programs build rest days into their schedule, at least all the training programs I've used do. My typical physical rest day usually involves zero running, maybe some yoga, stretching, or weight lifting, but I take the day off from running.

Yesterday I took an emotional rest day, and it was one of my favorites EVER! I decided to run up the canyon, something I haven't done in ages. I remembered how much I love running up there. Then I took myself to Borders for some hot chocolate (great recovery drink, right?) and ended up buying two books. Later I took myself Runner's Corner to (finally) get my foam roller, and stopped by Jamba Juice on my way home. Once home, I instantly changed into my PJs, plopped myself on the couch with a giant blanket, and read my little heart out with the BYU game on mute (I know, it's sacrilege).

Saturday, March 19, 2011

And...We're Back!

It has been weeks since I've posted. Quick recap/summary of excuses: Numero Uno--my birthday! Not my favorite birthday ever, but I survived it. Why not my favorite? I presented at a conference on my very day of birth. Second, I started teaching my very first university class. It's a block class (so only six weeks) but the class involves a field trip (which we just went on this week). Third, I got really, really sick. I don't have a clue what I had, but I couldn't eat ANYTHING without wishing for death.

But all of that is done and gone. I am healthy and field-trip free--though next up is my thesis defense and article submission. Not to mention graduation (but that's a good kind of stress). And in other news, I'm running again! I've cut back to three days a week only, and I'm slowly building my mileage back up (trying to avoid any overuse injuries) but I am running!

This morning for example, I headed up Provo Canyon for a quick out-and-back four miler and it felt so good. Even the uphill parts felt good. On the way back with one mile to go, I picked up two runners right behind me. I'm not typically a competitive runner. When I'm racing, I'm not one to push myself based on anyone else around me. And that has often meant I don't push myself as hard as I could. But today, for some reason, I decided I was not going to let those runners pass me. I pushed, and my lungs and legs burned, but I did it. I stayed ahead of them the entire way until I got back to my car.

I reflected on why I don't do that more, set goals like staying ahead of other runners while I'm in a race. And I realized it's a fear of failure. If I pretend not to care about where I end up in a race, then it means I never fail. If I don't care, then it doesn't matter who passes me or how many times I get passed. But today, it mattered and I worked for my place. And I may or may not have celebrated with a hot chocolate at Border's afterward. Recovery, right? :)