Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

Back from a two week blogging break, it's time for another triple tangent Tuesday!

1. It must be a truly violent bug-death to be inhaled by a runner. I was thinking these deep thoughts as I finished my 5-miler up the canyon tonight. And let me tell you, I was scraping bug wings off my face as I drove home afterward. I can't imagine how insane that must be for some poor little gnat just flitting around, and then BAM! Inhaled! It's traumatic enough for me, the runner, and I know I'm going to win. But the bug, what is he going through?? He has has no idea what is going on, he's in some dark, sticky place.... Sometimes I feel bad for the little guys. Sometimes I don't. For example, I didn't feel too bad about killing the bug that got stuck behind the lens of my sunglasses, mistook my eyeball for an escape hatch, and bounced itself desperately off my retina for about 30 seconds before I dispatched it. Just sayin'.

2. Macaroni and cheese is like crack. Nope, not like crack; it is crack.

3. I love rock climbing more than running. There I said it. Well, maybe not more than running, but it's a different kind of love. And, like my love of running, climbing love hurts. (I'm now listening to "Love Bites" by Def Leopard.) I've had my fair share of injuries and hair-raising climbing incidents, but I gotta say, I love it in spite of the pain. Here's a photo of me from a couple years ago (I'm the dark spot in the upper right corner). This was taken moments before I took a giant fall on a lead climb. The rope wrapped around my leg as I bounced off the rock and I had some pretty gnarly bruises. My leg actually still hurts where the rope caught me and I think there's one little spot that's permanently discolored. Crazy, huh?

And this is me after the fall, looking, in my professional opinion, to be in a complete state of shock. (Note the constricted pupils, pastier-than-usual complexion, etc.) Please ignore how awful my roots were in this photo; coloring my hair became less of a priority once I started grad school. I'm holding the helmet I was wearing during the fall (thank goodness) and pointing at a chink in it.