Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Good Day

Yesterday was a good day. Monday was too, for that matter, but yesterday was pretty awesome.

First, I worked on my taxes and realized, I had more deductions coming my way! Getting more money always makes me happy.

Second, I biked, ran, and swam yesterday! Mini-tri! And trust me, it was really, REALLY mini. I am getting better (slowly) at swimming. My instructor told me I look really relaxed. I even feel relaxed--probably because I'm the world's slowest swimmer and were I going any slower, I would actually just be asleep, floating along. Still, one step closer to a triathlon!

Third, I ran! Always an achievement, given my recent history of injury and illness. Today, Imma head out for another quick run and some more cross training. I missed my Monday morning spin class, so I think I will hit a spin class this evening. I hope Janae still teaches Wednesday nights!

Finally, I went to my awards banquet last night and got an award--and money to go along with it! Yay! That'll pay for my last two credits to graduate! Hooray! I was awarded the Outstanding Graduate Student of the Year in my department. I guess the faculty voted on it and everything. I am stoked about my plaque and even more stoked that my name goes on the permanent plaque in my building! Picture proof: (ignore my goofy, toothless grin)


  1. congrats on your award! I'm anxiously awaiting our tax refund : )

    thanks for joining the weight loss challenge, I think it helps to have others doing it with you. Just check in on Wednesdays and comment on how you're doing. : )

  2. Good, Molly has stopped by

    Keep working at it, you will get there, its gets better as you go along

    I wonder, with Janae basically having an IV of pure candy going into her veins, is her spin class really hyper active!!!

    Congrats on the award

  3. You are just that cool. Really you are.