Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

I have approximately 2 minutes to post, so buckle up.

Since my last posting, about a billion years ago, every single part of my life (OK, not really) but almost every major aspect of my life has changed. I moved across the country to start a PhD program and BAM. New everything.

Here are some random thoughts on the changes:

Humidity and sweating. I thought I sweated a lot in Utah. At least it had somewhere to go there. Here (in North Carolina) it just dews up on my arms, runs down my face, gets in my eyes, and soaks (I mean SOAKS) my workout clothes. I wish I could show you my sweaty shirt from today's workout, it's disgusting and somehow awesome all at the same time.

Earthquakes and hurricanes. Wha??! How about one or the other? Not both in the same week!

The gym (or lack thereof). I miss my old gym so much. I knew where everything was, what equipment I liked to use, what classes were the best, etc. My workouts of late have been sporadic and not very well structured. But today was really good. I did a speed interval run that made me want to barf (I don't know if I've used that word since 7th grade), and then went to a weight lifting class. By the third set of running stairs, I was seriously questioning my decision-making paradigm, but it felt really good to work that hard.

Spokane to Sandpoint Relay. Liked it, love the Sawtooth Relay way more. Love my family. For more deets, check out Jennica's post: here. Although, I will say, I ran a 5.22-mile leg in 41:37!! (Gravity was definitely on my side, but it was still awesome!!)
Running as a coping skill. Best tool in my tool belt, if you will. Sadly, I am still trying to find good running routes here. I think I've finally found a good trail, and if that blasted hurricane messes up my plans for my Saturday morning run, I'm not gonna be happy. I definitely need some good things sent out to the universe.