Monday, April 4, 2011

Ode to Monday Morning Spin

Monday mornings put a smile on my face. Don't get me wrong: I dread Monday mornings as much as the next guy--maybe even more since I live in Utah where one day it's spring, and the next there is a foot of fresh snow on the ground. Boo. But, truth be told, I love my Monday morning spin class. I love it in spite of the cold and dark of a predawn morning, of the unavoidable scraping of the windshield, and of the inescapable nap that will be the only thing to get me through a "I-got-up-at-5 a.m." day.

Yes, it's a stalwart bunch that trickles in to the gym around 5:30 a.m. Monday mornings, blurry-eyed, bed-headed, and yawning (or maybe that's just me). We stumble in and take our place in what is perhaps the most stifling, poorly ventilated room on the planet, and proceed to subject ourselves to what seems like 45 minutes of straight sprints (seriously, Todd??). But really, although today was brutal, Todd (the instructor) is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. I've been going to his class for years (I actually can't even remember when I started going).

I have Erin to thank for my addiction to Monday morning spin. Erin and I went to school together (sort of...she was finishing her masters, and I was working/starting my master's program). She introduced me to Todd's class and every Monday morning she would faithfully save me a bike because I couldn't haul myself out of bed in time to get one for myself. Then, tragedy of tragedies, Erin became a contributing member of society, got a job in NYC, and moved. But Monday morning spin remained. The people in that class, including Todd and Erin, have made all the difference. We've shared our training wows and woes, successes and failures, and Todd's impeccable taste in music...(that's a little sarcasm there). It's become one of those constant things in life: Monday morning spin will always be there (as Erin learned this morning--she's visiting!). I hope you all have some awesome workout buddies (running, spinning, whatever) in your lives!

Erin and I outside the Mets' Stadium...ignore how pasty I's totally normal, right?


  1. I had to re read your first sentence a couple times, thinking it was a typo, till I read the rest of the post. Good workout partners are hard to find, thats for sure

  2. I loved spinning with you again!! AH! Just like the good ole days. PS-I am SO SORE from that core class. In.tense.