Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two-thirds of a Triathlon

Before I launch into a review of today's workout, I have to report on my first experience as a race volunteer! It was AWESOME! I volunteered at the Bean Benefit 5K bright and early (at least for a snowy Saturday morning) and I got to help direct runners along the course. There were a couple, er, hiccups; some of the first runners didn't see the cone marking the turn right after my post and ended up running a little extra. I felt super bad, and chased some of them down when I realized they'd missed it. I stationed myself at that corner afterward to be sure it didn't happen again. A few other runners missed a turn and ended up shaving off about half the course and finishing in about 10 minutes...I don't think anyone was running 3.5-minute miles in the snow today.

Though there were some pretty inspirational runners, namely KIM-BO! Let me brag about Kim for a minute. Kim is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.S.A.U.C.E. I've known her for almost two years now; she's in my program at school. She is prepping to run Boston for the second time, and she runs like an animal. She has two speeds: fast, and faster. I sometimes call her Speedy Gonzalez, because shoot, he's about the only thing that can compete with her speed, and he isn't even real! I went running with her once and had my ego handed to me (little as it was to begin with). This morning, Kim was the first female runner to finish, and she was even one of the runners who missed the turn and ran extra. While she was busy running her extra quarter-mile, a couple other girls passed her. Don't even worry about it; she totally caught up to and passed them. I pretty much live vicariously through Kim. She is my hero.

After the post-race awards, give-aways, and silent auction (I bid on a t-shirt signed by Jimmer and Jackson, but!), I headed over to my gym to attempt a mini, completely indoor triathlon. I hit the pool right after the aqua-cardio class emptied out and swam for about 40 minutes. I had eaten about two-thirds of a bagel that morning (I'd been late to the race) and was starting to get really hungry. Undeterred I hit the stationary bike and my knees started aching about 30 minutes into it. Also, I was super, SUPER hungry by the time I finished biking. I decided two-thirds of a triathlon was good enough and went home to EAT.


  1. SO COOL THAT YOU VOLUNTEERED!! You are motivating me too:) HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS GIRL!! I wrote it on my blog too:) Hope you are having an amazing day!

  2. Happy Birthday from a fellow Hungry runner girl follower =D Hope you're having a wonderful birthday and enjoying it to the fullest!!

    I thinks it's great you volunteered! I love that you chased down the runners to get them back on track, I can totally see myself having that happen in my area and me chasing after them! haha Have a great one!

  3. Thanks for the birthday wishes, you girls! It was a good one! Volunteering was a great experience! I am looking forward though to running races again, soon!

  4. Thanks for the ego boost Camilla :) I wish it were as true as you make it sound. Thanks for the moral support on my run as well.

    I still think you should come to Boston with me. There's nothing in the world to compare it to. And maybe you can steer some of those fast runners off the course and not just me