Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Sometimes I'm Weepy

Confession: Sometimes I'm weepy. Especially when I'm watching The Biggest Loser Marathon episode. Marathons just make me cry, whether I'm running them or watching them. Guaranteed tear-jerker. My one criticism of The Biggest Loser Marathon: why did the doc pull those two guys out 20 miles into it?! Why did he let them attempt it at all? Their history of injury and joint problems seemed like a pretty good indicator that 26.2 miles was maybe a bad idea to begin with. It was just mean to let them get that close and then pull them out.

Second confession: I'm thinking about running another full marathon. Ah! There, I said it! The last full I did was in the fall of 2009, so more than two years ago. I ran my first in 2008 and planned to run a full once a year for the rest of, well, however long I could. The first marathon was less than epic, but I finished it. Then the next year, I cut a ridiculous amount of time off my pace, but I got so, so, SO sick afterward. The training for that second one was so much harder, too (which is probably why I saw such an improvement). When 2010 rolled around I figured I'd hold off on another marathon and climb Mt. Rainier instead since that opportunity presented itself--which in my humble opinion was equally hard (I definitely trained for that), and possibly more life-threatening.

This year has been kind of a weak race year for me, so either way, I'd like to step it up next year, really get myself back into racing shape. The only question is: to marathon, or not to marathon?


  1. They pulled Vinnie at mile 20 and he couldnt get off the course fast enough

    I felt really bad for the other guy, they pulled him at mile 23 with JUST 5K TO GO!! Let him walk it in, I felt for the guy

    I would first search for marathon training plans and find one you like (sorry no help, seems alot of people use someone called Hilegon for something like that) and find a race (one with alot of swag) You can do it

  2. Yeah, Vinnie didn't look too heartbroken, the other guy made me cry though!

    I've used a couple different training programs in the past and they've worked out for me, so I'll have to find another good one, or maybe go back to one of those. I like the idea of finding a super fun race; maybe I'll make a vacation out of it and travel somewhere. That could make all the pain worth it!

  3. WE SHOULD DO A MARATHON TOGETHERRRRRRR!!!!!!! I'm trying to find a good June marathon to do. Obvs you will run faster than me, but wouldn't that be so fun?!?