Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Triple Tangent Tuesday

This is the maiden voyage of the Triple Tangent Tuesday on my blog. So, welcome to my ramblings.

1. In my car: City of Ember audio book. I have another couple hours on that audio book, which is great since I will be driving all the way back to Utah tomorrow. I am a firm believer in audio books for long trips. I'll be churning through all three of these books no problem with all the driving I'm scheduled to do in the next three weeks. I realize these were all huge literary hits years ago (and are now, or soon to be movies), but I still haven't read them. Don't judge.

2. I just finished watching Marathon Challenge courtesy of my local public library and I may or may not be weeping right now. I love running, and I love races.

3. Owning an English Bulldog is a legitimate (and very serious) part of my five-year plan. He already has a name, that's how ridiculous I have become.

I'm seriously considering another run tonight just so I can get back out on that gorgeous trail by my parent's house. Maybe I'll take my little brothers along tonight...

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  1. I have not seen that movie, now I have to find it