Saturday, May 7, 2011

To Tri or Not to Tri?

Today I ran Race for the Cure! Don't mind my amazing cerulean blue sunglasses...I couldn't stop blinking in the sunlight (it's so foreign after a long, Utah winter) so I had to keep them on so I wouldn't have a scrunch face or closed eyes in the picture. P.S., contrary to this photo, I'm not really that short. All of my friends are just mucho mas taller than me.

I was supposed to get up early and run 6 miles before the race (I need to do a total of 9 today). But it didn't happen. I managed to head out and get them in after a nap and a snack, but I had to dig deep. The race itself was grand. I am always so inspired by the unity of this event.

In other news, I'm considering a triathlon. But I'm really, REALLY bad at swimming. I mean, REALLY bad. I don't know how to get any better, either. Thoughts, suggestions, training tips?? To all you triathletes out there, YOU ARE AMAZING. I covet your mad, nautical skills.

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  1. YES!!!! DO the tri, you wont regret it. Its not about speed, its about crossing a finishline. You have to remember, we all had our first race at one point and all had the same thoughts that you are having now. I bet you will surprise yourself. I will email soon.