Thursday, November 22, 2012

Turkey Trottin'

Had a lovely wake-up Skype call from SeRUNity Now and Her Royal Highness as they toed the line at their local Turkey Trot this morning! It's slightly embarrassing that that was my wake-up call; it was two hours earlier for them. Sleeping in is totally justifiable on Thanksgiving though, right? Especially when you're a grad student. (At least that is what I'll tell myself.)

I was too late this year to find an official Turkey Trot to run. I didn't even think about it till earlier this week, and by then, all the ones close to "home" were already full. So I had a turkey trot of my own this morning. I hit up my favorite trail for a 6-mile trot this morning. It might be a little cliche, but I really did think about all the things I'm grateful for while I was running--not least of which was the amazing weather we're having! It was in the low 50s, sunny, and slightly breezy.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving then, here are a few of the running-related things I'm thankful for:
  1. I've had some injuries in the past, but never anything that was "career-ending," if you will. And I am grateful for that. 
  2. I am grateful to have a really nice trail system pretty close to where I live, and today I was especially grateful there were so many people out on the trail so I felt safe running. 
  3. On a similar note, I'm grateful I've been safe over my years of running.  
  4. I am grateful for Lindsey, my best running buddy! Miss you! 
  5. I am grateful for fallen leaves that crunch when I run through them. 
  6. I'm grateful for my family who I get to run with sometimes, and for my sister-in-law's family who has assimilated me into their super awesome annual relay adventures. 
  7. Mostly, I'm just grateful to be able to run.
Happy Thanksgiving!